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31 Best Money Making Apps To Earn Extra Money of 2023

If you struggle to earn money while on the go, money making apps offer a convenient way to earn extra cash. After testing over 150+ different money making apps, I’ve narrowed down the top 32 apps that are both legitimate and completely free to use. In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of each app, including how they work, how much you can earn, and their payout methods.

Here is a list of the 32 best money-making apps in 2023:

1) Survey Junkie
2) Swagbucks
3) Branded Surveys
4) LifePoints
5) Ibotta
6) Fetch Rewards
7) Rakuten
8) Acorns
9) Drop
10) Pinecone Research
11) YouGov
12) PointClub
13) TopCashback
14) MySoapbox
15) BeFrugal
16) InboxDollars
17) Robinhood
18) Toluna Opinions
19) Gigwalk
20) Uber
21) Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel
22) MobileXpression
23) EarnHoney
24) TaskRabbit
25) Qmee
26) Honey
27) Ipsos i-Say
28) Panda Research
29) Fiverr
30) Google Opinion Rewards
31) Capital One Shopping

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the best money making app due to its high-paying surveys. You can earn up to $50 per survey, and they provide a $2 welcome bonus for new users. They also inform you about the survey’s duration and payout before you take it, saving you time. When you reach a minimum of $10, you can cash out for gift cards or PayPal.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular small task app that offers a $10 registration bonus. You can earn money by playing games, shopping, taking surveys, and referring friends. They also provide a referral bonus of 10%. Surveys on Swagbucks can earn you around $5 within 30 minutes.

3. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys offers high-paying surveys, although not as high as the previous apps on this list. You can earn around $10 per hour with good surveys. They provide a 100-point registration bonus, and payouts are quick, usually within 1-2 days. Cash out for a gift card of your choice.

4. LifePoints

LifePoints is another app for earning money by taking surveys. While you may earn more on other survey apps, LifePoints is great for short surveys with high rates. You can earn around $8-$10 per hour, and surveys take 5-20 minutes to complete. They also have occasional drawings for free prizes.

5. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the highest-paying cash back apps. Earn cash back on your grocery receipts by taking pictures of specific products at specific stores. Get a $10 bonus upon sign up and scan your first receipt. Ibotta has expanded beyond groceries, allowing you to earn cash back on various items. Cash back ranges from $0.25 to $5 per offer.

6. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another receipt scanning app. Earn rewards by scanning receipts and selecting matched items. It doesn’t matter where you buy your products, as long as they show up on your receipt. You can earn anywhere between $0.25 and $2 per offer, and they provide a $1.50 sign-up bonus with a promo code. Cash out for a gift card with a minimum of $3.

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is an online shopping cash back app that pays you to shop through their portal. Get a free $10 gift card of your choice when you sign up. While their cash back rates may not be the highest, they often offer special deals and promotions. Rakuten also has an excellent referral program, allowing you to earn up to $75 in bonuses.

8. Acorns

Acorns is a robo-advisor app that allows you to invest spare change from your purchases. Get a $5 bonus for registering as a new user. Acorns advises you based on your risk level and offers guidance on what to invest in. You can withdraw funds to your bank account at any time. Earn bonuses for referring friends, up to $100.

9. Drop

Drop is an easy way to earn money by linking your credit or debit card and earning rewards at specific retailers. Pick 5 retailers to earn cash back at, and each time you make a purchase using your linked card, you earn points. Cash out for a gift card of your choice. Drop also offers bonuses through specific offers and a registration bonus.

These are just a few of the best money making apps available in 2023. Each app offers unique ways to earn extra cash, whether it’s through surveys, cash back, or investments. Choose the apps that suit your preferences and start earning on the go.

10. Pinecone Research

is a survey app that always pays a flat rate of $3 per survey, which typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete. The surveys are catered to your demographics and the products you use, making them more interesting than other survey apps. Pinecone Research will notify you via email when new surveys are available. You can cash out once you reach a minimum of $10 for gift cards, physical prizes, or direct deposits to your PayPal account.

11. YouGov

is a survey app that focuses on politics. Get paid to take surveys and polls about current events. You receive a $2 bonus for registering as a new user, and the surveys are usually short. YouGov acts as a community where you can see how other people answered the same questions, giving you insight into public opinion. The minimum payment threshold is $5, and you can quickly reach this amount. You can also earn a $2 bonus for referring friends.

12. PointClub 

is one of my favorite survey apps because they give you a $5 bonus for signing up as a new user. They offer some of the best hourly rates for surveys and have a bonus program where you can earn up to 100% bonus of your survey earnings by logging in consecutively. However, if you forget to log in for one day, your bonus will reset. With the bonus, you can earn $10-$15 per hour with high-paying surveys. You need a minimum of $25 to cash out for gift cards or direct deposits to your PayPal account.

13. TopCashback 

TopCashback is a shopping portal that offers high cash back rates compared to other portals. When you register as a new user, you receive a $10 bonus, and you can earn an additional $10 when you refer a friend. They frequently have special promotions where they increase their cash back rates, especially during holidays. If you choose to redeem for gift cards instead of PayPal, you get a 3% bonus added to your withdrawal amount.

14. MySoapBox

is a mobile app with high-paying surveys. They don’t offer many surveys, so it’s recommended to sign up for email notifications. The first time you cash out, you need a minimum balance of $25, but after that, it’s only $1. The surveys are longer but have a high payout rate, which helps prevent burnout. You can earn a $1 bonus for each friend you refer, and they will receive a $2 bonus.

15. BeFrugal

is a cash back portal that offers competitive rates. When you sign up, you receive a $10 bonus, and you can earn an additional $15 bonus for referring a friend. They have special deals during holiday seasons, and if you choose to redeem for Amazon gift cards instead of PayPal, you get a 3% bonus added to your total withdrawal amount. It’s recommended to compare rates with other portals like Rakuten and TopCashback before making a purchase.

16. InboxDollars

is a money-making app that pays you for playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, and referring friends. You receive a $5 sign-up bonus for joining and confirming your email, and you can earn money by reading emails as well. They offer a 10% bonus on all referrals for life. InboxDollars is a great way to earn extra money in your free time.

17. Robinhood

is a popular investment app that is great for beginner investors. It has an easy-to-use interface but can be addictive, so be cautious. You can earn a fractional share of a free stock as a registration bonus. The best part is that they offer unlimited free trades on options, ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds.

18. Toluna Opinions

is a survey app that pays cash immediately after you request a payout. The minimum cash out is $20 for direct deposits to PayPal or gift cards. As a new user, you receive a $2 bonus. The surveys with Toluna have higher payouts, ranging from $1-$5, and take about 5-20 minutes each.

19. GigWalk

is an app that pays you to complete local tasks in your area, such as taking surveys, taking photos, or checking prices. The earnings potential is high, with tasks paying up to $20 each. It’s worth trying, especially if you enjoy getting out of the house and exploring your area.

20. Uber

Uber is a money-making app where you can earn cash by picking up and delivering people like a taxi service. The earnings depend on your location, and it can be a side hustle or a full-time job. Some drivers report making up to $6,000 per month after tips and fees, but keep in mind that it requires long hours.

21. Nielsen Consumer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Consumer & Mobile Panel is a passive income app that allows you to earn money by installing their app on multiple devices. The number of devices you can install the app on depends on your location, as they accept a specific number of devices from each area. You can earn up to $50 per year for each device in passive income. While the app can also be installed on desktop devices, this won’t result in earning money. However, desktop users are entered into monthly drawings for a chance to win up to $1,000.

22. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is an app that offers a $5 Amazon gift card as a welcome bonus for new members. Overall, you can expect to earn around $20 per year with this app, simply by leaving it running in the background on your phone. In addition to cash rewards, you can also earn tokens that can be used to enter cash drawings. It’s worth noting that MobileXpression requires you to install a VPN on your phone, but be aware that some cash rewards apps may suspend your account if they detect the use of a VPN.

23. EarnHoney

EarnHoney is a video watching app that allows you to earn $90 or more per month. The best part is that it’s a passive earning opportunity, as you can let the app run and play videos continuously. However, it’s important to check on the app periodically to ensure it hasn’t frozen, especially if you leave it running for extended periods. EarnHoney also offers a referral program where you can earn 10% of your friends’ earnings, providing an additional opportunity to increase your earnings.

24. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit serves as a platform to connect you with tasks in your area. You can help others with tasks such as delivering groceries, assembling furniture, and more. It’s important to note that all task workers must complete a background check. The amount you earn per task depends on what the client is willing to pay. TaskRabbit is available in 19 major cities across the US. To maximize your earning potential on TaskRabbit, it’s important to build positive reviews, as this can lead to more lucrative opportunities. Payments are issued through the app once tasks are completed to the satisfaction of both the client and worker.

25. Qmee

Qmee is an app that pays you for your online searches. Whether you use Google, Yahoo, or Amazon, Qmee will pay you based on your search queries. They have partnered with thousands of retailers, and if there’s a match between your search and one of their retail partners’ ads, you’ll get paid for clicking on it. The great thing about Qmee is that you always know how much you’ll get paid for each click, typically ranging from $0.03 to $0.07. Qmee also offers surveys for additional cash, and you can earn $1 for each friend you refer.

26. Honey

Honey is a browser extension that automatically searches for coupon codes when you’re checking out at an online retailer. It has a wide database of coupon codes and applies them if there’s a match with your purchase, helping you save money. On average, users have saved 3-5% on their purchases with Honey. It’s a free app that can provide promotional discounts and savings.

27. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a survey app that informs you about the estimated length of each survey before you start. Most of their surveys are shorter than initially stated, allowing you to make around $8-$10 per hour if you focus on higher-paying surveys. Taking surveys also enters you into prize drawings where you can win items like MP3 players and gift cards. Ipsos rewards you for taking multiple surveys, and as you accumulate points, you can redeem them for a gift card of your choice.

28. Panda Research

Panda Research offers a $3 sign-up bonus and allows you to earn rewards by taking surveys, reading emails, and clipping coupons. They automatically pay you on the 1st and 15th of every month if you have the minimum balance in your account. Reading emails only requires you to open them to get paid. It’s a simple way to earn money.

29. Fiverr

Fiverr is not a money making app, but rather a freelance marketplace where you can offer your skills and services to clients. You can create gigs in various areas, such as writing, graphic design, and copywriting, and earn a minimum of $5 per gig. The more gigs

30. Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards app offers rewards or PayPal payments in exchange for completing surveys. Surveys cover various topics such as polls, hotel reviews, and product satisfaction. Access to your location is required for some surveys. While the app offers quick surveys, the earnings potential is limited, making it last on our list of best money making apps. Rewards are typically given as credit in the Google Play Store.

31. Capital One Shopping (Formerly known as Paribus)

The Capital One Shopping app tracks your past purchases and provides refunds if an item’s price decreases. The app calculates the difference and issues refunds directly from the store, based on their credit card policy. Refunds are usually processed within 3-7 business days and credited back to your original payment method. The app is set up to automatically save you money, making it convenient and hassle-free. 32. Sweatcoin The Sweatcoin app pays you for walking by awarding points that can be exchanged for physical prizes like iPhone chargers and sunglasses. Location services must be enabled for the app to track your movement. You can also earn a bonus of 5 Sweatcoins by referring a friend. Though fairly recent, the app has received positive reviews for its ease of use.

What Criteria Should I Consider in Selecting the Best Money-Making Apps?

Key considerations for top money-making apps

  • Payment variety: Avoid apps with limited payout options.
  • Payment frequency: Be aware of monthly-only pay schedules.
  • Earnings potential: Prioritize apps with higher earning potential.
  • No fees: Legitimate apps are free to use, no payments needed.
  • Referral ability: Utilize social media for quick friend referrals.

Are These Apps Legit?

  • All listed apps are genuinely free and legitimate.
  • Beware apps seeking unnecessary credit card info; likely scams.
  • Rigorous testing validates timely, accurate payouts.
  • Contact support if payment issues arise.
  • Listed apps offer robust customer assistance.
  • Exclusions stem from not meeting criteria.

How Do These Apps Pay?

These apps pay you because they act as intermediaries. They get compensated for connecting you with tasks companies need, saving them from direct outreach.

What are the Ways to Make Extra Money

Here’s a quick list of ways mentioned that you can earn extra cash by using these apps.

  • Game playing: Leisurely money-making, not high-earning.
  • Video watching: Passive income by watching content.
  • Driving: Uber for serious income, full-time or side.
  • Cashback: Refunds or percentage back from purchases.
  • Surveys: Opinion sharing for money.
  • Exercise: Apps like Sweatcoin offer workout rewards.

Top Earning Apps

  • Payout rate is key among ranking factors.
  • Consider registration bonus, payment methods.
  • For high earnings, opt for Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.
  • Apps yielding under $5/hour aren’t worthwhile.
  • Available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Top Money-Making Apps

  • Primary consideration is payout rate.
  • Additional factors: registration bonus, payment methods, ease of use.
  • For the highest earnings, try Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.
  • Apps yielding under $5/hour aren’t worthwhile; switch within list.
  • Apps accessible on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Final Thoughs

Not all money apps are the same, particularly when it comes to those that can generate income for you. We recommend reviewing each of these apps individually to determine which ones are most suitable for you. After all, certain apps may offer higher payments based on your interests and demographics.

For more money-making apps, consider checking out this eBook, which provides a list of 101 apps for earning money.

In any case, these apps will certainly assist you in earning money while on the go or during your free time. Although they may not make you wealthy, they serve as an excellent side hustle or a quick way to add extra funds to your bank account.

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